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Telephone Counselling Services

With Dr Jim Byrne and Renata Taylor-Byrne

Telephone-client3.jpgTelephone counselling is a well-established alternative to face to face counselling. It is obviously better to have face to face contact with your counsellor or therapist, but in many situations this is impossible: for examples, when you are disabled or house-bound; or when you live in an area that is not well served by coaches/ counsellors/ therapists; or perhaps there is nobody from the school of counselling that you prefer.

ABC-Logo7.JPGIf you are too far away for face to face meetings, or you have a good reason to meet in some other way, such as because of a disability, etc., then telephone counselling could be the solution to your problem. 

If you are struggling with mild to moderate problems of anger, anxiety and/or depression; or couple or marriage conflict; or communication problems in relationships; or self-esteem or self-confidence problems, then we can help you. 

Telephone7.gifIf you would like to consult Dr Jim Byrne, or Renata Taylor-Byrne, to get help resolving one of your problems, and you cannot get to Hebden Bridge to see one of us, then our telephone counselling service would be an ideal solution.

A single session lasts for 45 minutes approximately. During that time, we will talk about your situation, and how you might make progress in resolving whatever is troubling you.


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Jim and Renata

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